• MMMMMMMMMM..... A dog could have a beacon collar.
  • Birds are like beacons.
  • woooohoooooo .... can you believe all the beacon ideas flowing here.

We are Cloud5, a beacon company.

We make hardware Bluetooth BLE beacon solutions and the software that connects them to the rest of the world.

Identify Anything

Our beacon and iBeacon solutions can be used to provide contextual information for anything in our world.

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Multiple Platforms

Our location Apps and administration websites run on the latest and greatest gadgets and provide the best use of battery.

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White Label Solutions

Your brand, our technology. With our technology you can quickly deploy a customized beacon service for any business.

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Custom Beacon Hardware

We build beacon hardware for optimal range and battery usage. We can create customized beacons for your needs.

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"BoxBeacon is easy to use. It's nice to have the information about a home that you may be interested in transmitted right to the app simply by driving by the house. No more writing down or searching for home specific URLs which so many realtors still put at the bottom of their signs. I just wish more realtors were using this new technology already."
M. Sebastian