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Error 0x80070057 when try to install Windows 7

how to fix hdd error when install windows 7

If you try to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 and get this error: Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. Error code: 0x80070057 on a message box don’t worry! I’m here to help you! If you followed tons of tutorials to fix it on the internet and no one worked for you and you suspect that there is a hardware problem you’re in the right place! Error code: 0x80070057 appear usually when you try to format your hard drive.

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Solving Invalid selection when delete Call History on Nokia Phone

how to fix nokia invalid selection bugInvalid Selection Error may occur on any Nokia model with Symbian as Operating System. This error appears when try to delete an entry from Calls History and the phone is not allowing you to delete it and give you “Invalid Selection” error. This shitty error seems not to have any solution from Nokia support so I had to find a way to delete these calls because is annoying. My problem appeared on a Nokia C2 but my solution work on any Nokia model.

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HDD 7200 RPM for LAPTOP, Is this recommended?

hard disk curiosity how to fix

Did you want performances on laptop? Did you want to add 7200 rpm hard disk drive to laptop? Well if you want tu put on laptop HDD with 7200 rpm or 10000 rpm or higher you will have some problems.

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x64 vs x86 or 32bits vs 64 bits. Which one to choose and what all mean?

32bits 64bits x64 x86

So, did you want to install Operating System and don’t know which one to choose from 34bit and 64 bits or x64 and x86? There you will learn what does x64 and x86 and 32bit and 64 bits mean and you will know which one from this is more stable and which one you should install.

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What does mean DDR2 ECC and Non-ECC RAM

check ram memory how to fix man


When you want to upgrade your computer adding RAM Memory is pretty good to know some features of that. Well you have to know what does DDR2 ECC or Non-ECC mean or DDR3 ECC / Non-ECC mean.


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