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A brief introduction into MODBUS exploitation

Modbus was introduced in 1979 and was not designed to be available on public networks! Devices using this protocol should not be available on the internet under any circumstances! Basically, if I can see this protocol via Internet then I own your device!

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Download Website Source with C++ HttpWebRequests

c++ http web requestswrapper


As you may already know, there are some C++ libraries to help you interact with Web Application from your C++ Project. One of the most popular is libCURL and it is the most powerfully. But, if your project is smaller enough, you can use my C++ HttpWebRequests Wrapper to download a source page, for example.

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Bypass .htaccess Authentication Credentials

htaccess password bypass

Inspired by I’ve decided to make this short tutorial to show you how to bypass a .htaccess password protection without knowing username or password. This is not really a vulnerability, this trick is based on a bad configuration by website administrator or sysadmin.

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Using Skybound GeckoFX with Xul Runner on C#

skybound geckofx instead of iexplore

If you want to integrate Internet Explorer browser into a C# application you may have problems if you access sites vis SSL and other facilities. So, I would recommend instead of IE to use Skybound GeckFX with Xul Runner which will help you to integrate Firefox Browser into your C# Application.

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Removing WordPress Duplicate Comments

How to Remove Duplicate WordPress Comments

Looking on internet to find a way to delete WordPress duplicate comments and I found a partial solution to delete WordPress duplicate comments. I found a PHP script which had to be modified to work.

In the next words I will show you the script which will delete permanently duplicate comments.

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Posting to Blogspot using Google GData API

google gdata api tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to use Google GData API to Post to a Blogspot/Blogger Blog from google using a C# or .Net Application. You will see also how to upload Image to google using API and attach it to blog post and how to add tags directly from your C# Application.

First of all you have to download Google_Data_API here or download directly the libs which I have used in this tutorial here.

Ok, after you’ve downloaded Google API Libs let’s start.

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How to Use JoeBlog WordPress Wrapper – Tutorial with Examples

joeblogs wordpress wrapper how to fix

In this tutorial I will show you how to use JoeBlogs WordPress Wrapper based on XML-RPC to auto post to WordPress from an C# Application and for beginners how to post to WordPress from c# .net. I will show you also how to add images with JoeBlogs and how to auto complete custom fields directly from your .Net (C# Examples) Application.

First of all you have to download latest version of wrapper from GitHub or Here the version which I have used on my example.

Now create a new C# application and let’s start.

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Does I have IPv6? What is my IPv6? Why IPv6?

does i have ip vs and what is it

I think everyone was thought about IPv4 and IPv6 but on internet are tones of articles about IPv6 and IPv4 and you should read more to understand this concept.

In this tutorial I will try to explain what is with IPv6 in few words.


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How to find and manage PayPal Buttons

where to find paypal buttons


Actually a simple situation can give you headaches when try to find where to manage paypal buttons such as BuyBow, donate and other buttons. So in this tutorial I will show you exactly where you can find these fu****g buttons.

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What is .HTM extension for webpage

html estenstion htm


Have you seen a web page that have .HTM extension and don’t know what does it mea? Well the answer is very simple and I’m going to explain you what is .HTM extension and why it is used and how .HTM extension is used.

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What is Advertiser and Publisher

advertiser and publisher

On approximately all sites for monetizing using ads before register you have to choose for Advertiser and Publisher. But what is advertiser and what is publisher? What does advertiser and publisher mean? After reading this you will know exactly what to choose when you are asked.

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