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Removing WordPress Duplicate Comments

How to Remove Duplicate WordPress Comments

Looking on internet to find a way to delete WordPress duplicate comments and I found a partial solution to delete WordPress duplicate comments. I found a PHP script which had to be modified to work.

In the next words I will show you the script which will delete permanently duplicate comments.

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How to Use JoeBlog WordPress Wrapper – Tutorial with Examples

joeblogs wordpress wrapper how to fix

In this tutorial I will show you how to use JoeBlogs WordPress Wrapper based on XML-RPC to auto post to WordPress from an C# Application and for beginners how to post to WordPress from c# .net. I will show you also how to add images with JoeBlogs and how to auto complete custom fields directly from your .Net (C# Examples) Application.

First of all you have to download latest version of wrapper from GitHub or Here the version which I have used on my example.

Now create a new C# application and let’s start.

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How to configure Robots.txt for WordPress

how to configure robotsCreating Robots.txt is an important thing that many bloggers don’t know and it is very important because this actually tell to crawler which page to index and which page not.

In this tutorial you will learn how make optimal configuration of Robots.txt for wordpress blog.

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How to Show Summary of Post – WordPress

How_To_Fix_Man repairing WordPress

Personally i’m using this method to show summary of posts on front page because on that WordPress theme don’t work option from Settings>>Reading. So if you don’t want to use plugins or other heavy methods you can use “The More Tag” method, this method will help you to show summary of posts directly on front page.

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