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A brief introduction into MODBUS exploitation

Modbus was introduced in 1979 and was not designed to be available on public networks! Devices using this protocol should not be available on the internet under any circumstances! Basically, if I can see this protocol via Internet then I own your device!

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Download Website Source with C++ HttpWebRequests

c++ http web requestswrapper


As you may already know, there are some C++ libraries to help you interact with Web Application from your C++ Project. One of the most popular is libCURL and it is the most powerfully. But, if your project is smaller enough, you can use my C++ HttpWebRequests Wrapper to download a source page, for example.

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[C++] Establish connections through SOCKS4/5 using Winsock2


I have written a C++ Class (Header Only) which allows you to connect to internet through SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 Proxy Servers. In order to use this class, you will need some knowledge related on C++ SOCKS Programming. This is very usefully when you are behind a firewall and some internet services are filtered; SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 Proxy servrs open a window for you in order to be able to access restricted services.

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Tutorial – libCURL on Qt Creator with MinGW

libcurl on qt with mingw

Using libCURL on Qt Creator with MinGW as compiler can give you many headaches when you try to add libCURL references on your Qt project. So, In next words I will help you to use libCURL inside your Qt project. If you don’t link/add libCURL correctly to project you will get ‘unresoved_externals’ and other similar errors.

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[How to Solve]During startup program exited with code 0xc*

how to fix qt creator failed due to startup error


In this simple tutorial I will show you mostly causes of During startup program exited with code 0xc* or The program has unexpectedly finished. I will show you what to do what to do when errors occurs on Qt Creator / QtSDK with C/C++ but it may be applied on .Net and C/C++. In the next words I will give a simple trick/ a simple hint which may help you to solve your problem.

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