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Store Broker (wshost.exe) consume a large amount of CPU

store broker process consume cpu


Store Broker (wshost.exe)   is a Microsoft process and should not consume more than 1% of CPU. After installing Windows it consume a low ammount of CPU but after that you install application Store Broker (wshost.exe process) may take a large ammount of CPU, so I will try to give you a trick to solve this problem.

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Does I have IPv6? What is my IPv6? Why IPv6?

does i have ip vs and what is it

I think everyone was thought about IPv4 and IPv6 but on internet are tones of articles about IPv6 and IPv4 and you should read more to understand this concept.

In this tutorial I will try to explain what is with IPv6 in few words.


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x64 vs x86 or 32bits vs 64 bits. Which one to choose and what all mean?

32bits 64bits x64 x86

So, did you want to install Operating System and don’t know which one to choose from 34bit and 64 bits or x64 and x86? There you will learn what does x64 and x86 and 32bit and 64 bits mean and you will know which one from this is more stable and which one you should install.

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