Solving Invalid selection when delete Call History on Nokia Phone

how to fix nokia invalid selection bugInvalid Selection Error may occur on any Nokia model with Symbian as Operating System. This error appears when try to delete an entry from Calls History and the phone is not allowing you to delete it and give you “Invalid Selection” error. This shitty error seems not to have any solution from Nokia support so I had to find a way to delete these calls because is annoying. My problem appeared on a Nokia C2 but my solution work on any Nokia model.

What cause INVALID SELECTION Error on Nokia?

– this error seems to caused because of powering off the phone directly, like extracting battery without powering off the phone;

How to solve INVALID SELECTION Error on Nokia?

My solution is to OVERWRITE the call logs so this will make phone to delete problematic contacts automatically!

We know that the Nokia phones store 20 Called Contacts/Numbers history, 20 Missing Calls, 20 Received Calls. So what we have to do:

#1. To remove missing calls and received from Call History:

To do this you will have to add 20 Contacts and then receive calls from every contact.

So, how to do this without having 20 mobile phones? It is easy. You will had to have second phone able to make phone calls and then follow these steps:

  • Create a new contact with name 1 and phone number is the number of the second phone.
  • From the second phone you have to make two calls to troublesome phone: First call will be answered and second call will be as a missing call.

Do this 20 times, incrementing Contact name and keep the same phone number. Finally you will have 20 contacts with names (1,2,3,4…20) and the same phone number, number of second phone.

Now  all missing calls and received calls blocked should go away from history and will be replaced with 1,2,3…20 logs.

#2. To remove Called Numbers/Contacts History:

This step is little bit easy. You will have to call 20 random numbers (these numbers mustn’t be correct phone numbers). For example make 20 calls to numbers like 123, 1234, 3234,665665,45326,124567,… . You will not have to wait for these numbers to respond, just initiate the call and then hang up the phone.

Now on history list will appear just the numbers called, numbers which can be deleted.


Now you can go to Calls Logs and delete all logs and now all lists are empty.



You know now how to solve Solving Invalid Error on your Nokia Phone without losing few hours to solve it like me. Please comment if something is unclear!

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  1. ahmed says:

    excellent ,,,,you are genius
    thank you very much

  2. ahmed says:

    the problem with my nokia 112 have been solved ,thank you very much …..u r genius

  3. Oz says:

    Awesome, it works, thanks.

  4. Akhilraj says:

    Thanks for your help. I can remove the miss call number from my nokia c2 – 00
    Thank alot

  5. Ali says:

    Bute getting same error when I delete any saved contact from phone …and not able to reset phone cause I forgot security password. please suggest how to delete

  6. No name says:

    Thank you. Nokia c2-01

  7. KIKA says:

    It takes me around half hour just to delete one miss call that It culd stand any more! ahahah what a solution man, thank you!

  8. bhabok says:

    I’ve tried it didn’t work on me Nokia114

  9. Gautam says:

    Hlo Sir its Not working Some 4 pr 5 missed call Not been deleted i reset my phone twice but no call log are not cleared if u have any idea or euggeation plz text me on [email protected]

  10. Maria says:

    Tried it on Nokia c2-01, didn’t work, though I also deleted form the phone the contact that is stuck in the log.

  11. Shaikh Isa says:

    Thanx alot man it helpd me feeww

  12. i have the same issue some call history i can’t clear in Nokia 112, but i restored my phone still the same

  13. thank you very much this method is really useful

  14. Plain 'n Stripes says:

    Oh my! It worked! Thank you so much!

  15. Ajit says:

    Excellent idea. …thanx a lot

  16. Bjarne says:

    Worked on my C1-01.
    Finally got rid of 5 invalid entries.
    Thanks a lot!

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