Store Broker (wshost.exe) consume a large amount of CPU

store broker process consume cpu


Store Broker (wshost.exe)   is a Microsoft process and should not consume more than 1% of CPU. After installing Windows it consume a low ammount of CPU but after that you install application Store Broker (wshost.exe process) may take a large ammount of CPU, so I will try to give you a trick to solve this problem.

Why cause Store Broker hight CPU ussage?

The process look like:

store broker high cpu usage

Usually problem is caused by:

  • after installing some applications;
  • maybe Kaspersky Antivirus???

How to Fix High CPU usage by Store Broker:

Open Task Manager (CTRL + Shift + ESC) >> Go to Processes tab and then kill Store and Store Brokers processes:

  1. Right-Click on Store process >> End Task;
  2. Right-Click on Store Brokers >> End Task;

Then you have to go to:
C:\Users\(Your User Account)\AppData\Local\Packages\WinStore_xxxxxxxxxxxxx\LocalState
xxxxxxxxxxxxx = a random string – it is different to another pc;

  1. Rename folder called Cache into CacheOld.
  2. Create an empty folder with name Cache

That’s all. If you want to revert changes just delete Cache and Rename CacheOld into Cache.


This method to resolve Store Broker (wshost.exe) high CPU usage will not affect in any way Store or installing and using application from Windows 8 Store.

PS: Tested on windows 8.1 but should work on any other version like Windows 8.

PS2: Credits to google, microsoft forums;

16 Comments on "Store Broker (wshost.exe) consume a large amount of CPU"

  1. Walt Burton says:

    This fix seems to be working out well. Less trouble than the posted and suggested fixes posted on various MS sites, and certainly less risky than recreating a new account.
    Before this I had a certainty that on a reboot, or a log-out/log-in sequence, that Store and Broker would reliably go into full consumption mode. This cache folder rename seems to be holding well. have rebooted and logged out and in a few times and all seems solid.

  2. Scampy says:

    Funktioniert!!!! Thank You.

  3. dafmat71 says:

    I also use Kaspersky for antivirus!!

  4. Onno says:

    I do not have that directory.

  5. kashan says:

    youre da maaannn!!!!

  6. Jos Grau says:

    Thank you for this nice solution. I have looked around a long time for it.

  7. Thank you – runs now wonderful – withhout 99% CPU 😉

  8. martinBgood says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Julio Ramos says:

    Finally! I solve this problem. Thak you man. You’re really good.

  10. Nish says:

    Thank you very Much … Big Help ..

  11. Ysk says:

    I did the same you suggested .. but no use. Still strore broker is running in the background and breaking my whole pc and head. Please give any solution to remove store broken permanently

  12. Peter Meier says:

    WSHost.exe always penetrate your Firewall, this App will absolutely call to home, let me go out the Firewall, plz plz! This always bugging you?
    In Windows 8.1 Registry you didn’t find “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore” cause Microsoft isn’t a fool!
    So what to do now…
    Easily change the Name from WSHost.exe to WSHost.ex_ so that it would’nt be find.

    2 Locations:

    WSHost.exe belongs to TrustedInstaller and not the Administration Group so you must change the rules. First go to extended Options change the Owner of the file to Administration and then go back and edit TrustedInstaller only to read the file. If you didn’t do that Microsoft change automaticaly the name to the origin.

    This description is only for you if you didn’t use the WinStore!

  13. alanpane says:

    there is no appdata i cant follow it cause i go to c:/users/(my user)/ and there is no appdata so i cant do it!?!?!?!?!

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